Heavy Duty Truck Repair ★ Truck and Trailer Repair ★ Cincinnati OH

Imagine the simplicity of having your routine Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Repair services close to you.
We offer traditional Truck and Trailer Repair services in our fully equipped shop, located in Milford Ohio.
This means that you can choose for your truck fleet maintenance to be performed at your convenience.
Think of Tri-State Truck & Trailer Repair as the family doctor for your company vehicles.

We are equipped with a full-service maintenance shop that includes a fully stocked parts inventory, all necessary tools, air compressor, welder, generator,
a full variety of lubricants, and essentially everything needed to keep your fleet operating at peak efficiency.
This allows us to offer your company expert Truck Repair Service and Trailer Repair Service.

We can set you up with a comprehensive maintenance schedule that is unique to your fleet (based on your unique operating conditions).
We will work with you to design the most cost effective, efficient services that fit your budget and requirements.
You have the opportunity to save your company the extra man-power to transport problem vehicles to the repair shop, when we bring the repair shop to you.

Tri-State Truck & Trailer Repair is located on the east side of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Our target market is small to medium size trucking operations in the following Ohio Counties: Clermont, Brown, Adams, Hamilton; and the Kentucky Counties: Kenton, Boone.

We have over 30 years of experience working with medium and heavy duty trucks and trailers. We know the requirements of these vehicles inside and out. Please let us quote on your fleet maintenance needs.
We are certain that you will discover a convenience and expertise with Tri-State Truck & Trailer Repair that is simply not available from any other trucking fleet maintenance company, anywhere, at any price.